About Us


Is a firm engaged in People Development focused in the following areas:

  • Employability Education,
  • HR Strategy and
  • Leadership Development and
  • Enabling Corporate Universities

Our typical engagements are through medium and long term engagements with organizations

Employability Education

  • We mentor academia on processes within the employability education space with an objective to reduce the gaps between industry, academics and students.
  • We help build internal mechanisms which identify gaps through a clear dashboard of performance, recommend faculty development initiatives and help create processes which can capture changing needs of industry and trends on a continual basis. We facilitate development of innovative people processes within the educational space
  • We suggest avenues for practical hands on internships and building practitioners who understand the importance and value of lifelong learning
  • We help institutions explore new possibilities and offerings in the Higher Education for Employability domain and Vocation based Employability space at the matriculation levels

Corporate University - Range of services

  • We help organizations design, develop and execute mass learning initiatives across the organization, both through internal resources and through outsource partnering approaches
  • We help client teams work through the development agenda for the organization commencing from Orientation and Induction to Skill level Development to Management Development and right upto Leadership Development
  • We help build teams, enabling synergy and resolve conflicts.
  • Mentoring to help build high potential identification processes and making development and succession plans
  • Identifying gaps and development agendas for middle management on supervisory leadership
  • Recommending and enabling the development agenda on leadership for Senior and top management
  • Recommending and enabling Knowledge Sharing online and direct contact initiatives which would help the organization gain benefits from mutual collaboration and synergy.
  • Giving inputs on the employer branding initiatives for the organization

HR Strategy

  • Work with HR leadership and strategic leaders of organizations to fine tune HR strategies in alignment with business
  • Mentor and Hand hold HR leaders to execute the HR strategy
  • Help HR leadership to develop Measurement metric and relevant HR dashboard for top level decision making.

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Development through Grid based leadership interventionns.Other development initiatives rang from mentoring, succession planning
  • CEO coach and mentor to senior management